Data Extracts

All publicly available SanGIS data may be downloaded at no cost from the SANDAG-SanGIS Regional Data Warehouse. There are over 250 layers of GIS data available in ESRI shape file format. See the Data Download page for more information.

Custom Extracts

If the free data is more than you need or not exactly as you would like it, SanGIS can provide custom data extracts to fit your special circumstances. SanGIS GIS Technicians can extract data within a certain jurisdiction; within a buffer around a given point, parcel or shape; meeting your specific criteria such as address range, or parcel creation date. Data extractions can be provided in ESRI shape or geodatabase, Excel spreadsheets, CADD, and other file formats. Custom extracts services are provided on a time and material bases according to our current Price List.

Please contact us with any question about your project needs or if you'd like to order a special data set.

Aerial Imagery

Ortho-rectified aerial imagery covering the entire County of San Diego is available in GeoTIFF or compressed MrSID format. This imagery was flown in May 2012 and is either 30 cm (1 foot) or 50 cm (1/2 meter) resolution. Coverage areas are shown on the Aerial Imagery Index map. Also see the 2012 aerial imagery article on our News and Information page for more information regarding the data and data set sizes.

Aerial imagery is priced the same as a data extraction but may also include additional costs for media. Small data sets can be copied to DVD for no additional charge but larger sets are more conveniently copied to flash (USB) drives or portable hard drives. SanGIS restricts what devices can be connected to our network so imagery data is usually provided on media we purchase.

Please contact us with any question about your project needs or if you'd like to order the imagery or complete the Aerial Imagery Request Form and fax it to us.

Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Maps and Labels

SanGIS can provide maps and mailing labels for an ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) license. SanGIS can meet the different requirements between types of licenses and jurisdictions – you only need to tell us the parameters given by the licensing agency.

The data extraction fee provides a PDF and/or printed map of all parcels within a single radius from the subject parcel and includes an Excel spreadsheet with the “Site Address” information for each parcel. Printed mailing labels can be created for a small additional fee.

See the Price List for current costs or use the online ABC Request Form.

Data on DVD ($75)

SanGIS creates a 3 DVD set which contains the most popular layers such as roads, parcel, contours, etc. and makes it available for purchase. The DVD sets are created each quarter (January, April, July, and October) and saves the user download time and the need to unzip all of the files.

See the Price List for current costs or use the online DVD Request Form.