Policies & Procedures

These documents provide information on SanGIS services, processes, and requirements. They are provided for reference only.

Service Level Policy (SLP)
The Service Level Policy (SLP) defines services that SanGIS provides to its JPA partners - the City of San Diego and the County of San Diego. The SLP outlines methods by which those services are measured and the minimum standard that must be met. The document defines in general terms the roles and responsibilities of the service provider (SanGIS), the end users, and the governing bodies in monitoring and meeting these service levels
Error Reporting Procedures
This document defines the procedures, limitations and requirements for reporting GIS data errors in SanGIS data. See the Contact Us section if you need to report a problem (or just to ask a question).
SanGIS Policies and Procedures Manual
The Policies and Procedures Manual provides detail documentation on how SanGIS enters, edits, and publishes data and provides information on SanGIS' purpose, roles, and responsibilities.
SanGIS Metadata Requirement Document
Every data layer submitted to SanGIS must have metadata (data about the data) that meets the requirements described in this document.